How to choose the best domain name?


So you want to get a website developed for a business site or perhaps your own personal blog?

Finding the perfect domain name to describe your site and what you do deserves a little thought, I have found a few ways where you can create a good domain name, bear in mind everyone’s individual preferences of what works best do vary.

I would like to share a few sites that enable you to generate or find good names, nothing is better than coming up with a combination of keywords and synonyms that describe what your business is about and then merging them or combining them together to create the perfect name.

Branding a unique name is also an option as sometimes unique names provide a good way to associate and fire up your imagination and feelings towards your company or brand.

Coming up with words that rhyme is also an option and makes your domain more sticky and memorable to users.
Then, there is the discoverable domains that describe your service or content in the name.

How domain names work.

If you are an Internet user (assuming you are) then you have used DNS (domain name server), which turns a raw IP (Internet protocol) address such as 96.266.705.951 into a human readable domain name.

When you try to access a domain, your request is routed to a DNS server (Domain name server), which manages the database of domains names to an IP address. In other words the DNS server resolves the domain name to an IP address.  So when you type in a domain name URL (uniform resource locator) “” into your browser you are connecting to a server at a specific IP location and the URL is associated to the IP by using the DNS server.

The URL is a specific character string that constitutes the reference to an Internet resource.

What approach works best?

Coming up with a good domain name is an integral part of the design philosophy behind your site. It can help establish a brand and a theme for your site and it requires strategy, creativity and good syntax and linguistics.

A good strategy written by smashing magazine states:

There are many different views and it all boils down to your approach of being discoverable or building a brand.

Examples of discoverable names are

Brandable names:

There are many good resources to help you choose a good domain name; I have found a few methods that work well and have listed them below.

 Compile a list of keywords

Study lists of your favourite domain names and see how they are put together you can see some signs of how they are generated.

Always make a note of new keywords that you come up with, you never know when they you may unexpectedly find the best one.

Keep it short and snappy

People often forget things, whether you use the correct spelling of a word or a truncated version it is always good to try to keep your domain name as short as possible. It is always better to use a shorter domain name that is relevant to your website and one that they will associate with what you do. The general rule is to try to keep your name under 9 characters.

 Keep it relevant

Ask yourself what does my company do? Does the name serve a purpose to achieve a goal or task?

A good name should

  • Describe what you do.
  • Paint a picture in the users mind.
  • Explain your mission.
  • Be relevant to your product or service.
  • Be aimed at its target user
  • Be simple and Memorable
  • Be easy to spell
  • Be unique and not too similar to other names and most importantly not violate other trademarks

Create a Message

Your name needs to trigger an emotional and oftentimes generate a subliminal message. You can get names that are generated for a list on these sites below or you can think of keywords that describe your product and/or service and come with a list of words and synonyms they can rhyme, truncated, or simply append or prepend other words, syllables or characters to it.

Protect Your Brand With Extensions

Sometimes one domain name may not be enough, you may find after purchasing your domain name such as “” that “” or “” or “” is also available. There are cases where you can back order a shortened version of your domain so that when it becomes available you are in a queue to get notified if you wish to buy it.

Don’t spend a lot of Money

Unless you want to secure a short one word domain which is near enough an impossible task today without spending a huge amount of money.

Don’t bother buying up all the names on the planet if you are really not going to use them, If you are still unsure about the name buy the ones that really stand out or the one you like the best and keep looking until you find one that, if not perfect, is as close as it gets to what you want.

 Keep away from trademarks

Do not use names that infringe others trademark, this is a recipe for disaster especially after you find out that you are sued with a lawsuit that will end in you losing a lot of time and money. You can visit to double-check.

A good way to way to find words that relate to the keywords you are looking for is to look up the synonym or use thesaurus.

Visual thesaurus

It is impossible to try to get one syllable or a single word names today so unless you prepare to spend some serious ££££’s then I suggest you steer clear of them.

There are a mix of reviews of what domain names work best and in my humble opinion it is a matter of personal taste, some people prefer descriptive names while others think unique and brand-able made up names are better.

You can also go down the route of creating a made up name, there are many successful examples of brand names that were non-existent 7-10 years ago such as Google, Squidoo, Badoo, Yahoo, Bing. These names are brand able and unique names that will undoubtedly take time to associate with your brand but will conjure the users mental picture of your name.

Gather feedback:

The things you should do when searching for a domain name is to gather a few names you like best and then gather and assess feedback from users or friends about what name they liked best.

Pay attention to the detail:

If you pay attention to your brand it is a lot more natural to pay attention to marketing, branding, marketing and design strategy. A great name is usually short and to the point and it plays a key role when you are trying to pitch yourself to investors or to others in the tech industry.


The best sites I have come across for choosing a web domain are crowdsourcing-service (searching for a compound name)

You could also search for domains for sale.

If you find any other useful resources you think should make it on the list please send it in the comments below.

References and special thanks toöller